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Inspired by a group of mothers coming together as a big family, Next Gen is built on values of being ethical, safe, natural and reliable. Our Heart is for the Community. Our mission is to educate, to empower and to instil positive thoughts to our next generation. Our vision is to develop and formulate essential family items for daily use, with our next generation and families safety and well being as our standing ground. We believe in educating our next generation, in all aspects of their daily life.


NextGen offers a range of premium disinfectant products that are developed based on natural ingredients, functionality of the products and safety for children and families. Our range contains the active ingredient of food grade 75% alcohol and pure pharmaceutical grade 75% alcohol, which is proven to be 99.99% effective against viruses, bacteria and germs. Our products contain 100% organic aloe vera juice to soothe, moisturize and protect our skin, combined with a luxurious mix of pure essential oils.

NextGen products are manufactured according to stringent pharmaceutical standards and we are the forefront in the field of disinfection and protection. All products are tested by a panel of experts to ensure its quality, safety and compliance to the highest standards.

NextGen products are widely available in major retailers in Malaysia and our product demand continues to grow to become popular products among the communities. We pride ourselves in promoting safe, quality, natural, reliable wellness products, making healthy and holistic living easily accessible to everyone. 

NEXTGEN - Heart For The Community

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